The simple cure for information overload.

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See how Total Orbit can help
companies drive far more value from your
information and engagement efforts.

Do you have vital, useful information and content you hope will be seen, understood and acted on by your teams and your customers?

  • How are you helping ensure that actually happens?
  • How are you able to tell if it is happening for each person?
  • Who on your team has the time and capability to focus on that 24/7?

Total Orbit gives you that power automatically, without the need for extra staff time or process or system changes.

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See how Total Orbit can help companies drive far more value
from your information and engagement efforts.

We turn passive information into action.

Pioneering social and economic scientist Herbert Simon once said “A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.” The more you try to share with people, the more unengaged, confused or overwhelmed they can become.

Total Orbit is a company which takes your shared wealth of information, training and guidance you see as vital to your ROI and makes it available in a more powerful, memorable and constant way for every user, in ways they will welcome and understand.

“Once they see it, they really understand what it is.

It’s so intuitive.”

System manager on users receiving their orbits.

Easy to learn, use and share.

Responsive design is perfectly available on all their screens:
Smartphone • Desktop • Tablet

Simple enough for anyone to use, regardless of technical savvy.

Requires no training; users just accept their orbit from an email
sent by the system and they're good to go.

Connect your content to daily, real-world usefulness for any target group.
Professional teams • Consumer targets • B2B service customers

“It’s the best way I’ve ever seen to truly get everyone on the same page and make it last.”

Department lead on how orbits bring their
targeted consumer and internal groups together.

Create your own “engagement dividend.”

Engagment dividend is the increased return of users actually able to say:

“I understand what this is and why this matters to me.”

“I know what to do and exactly how to do it.”

“I’m going to do it now.”

Gallup studies show an “engagement dividend” of +23% vs the typical consumer of information. In one study, hospital patients able to positively answer those three key topics had double the likelihood of thriving and avoiding complications.

Increase engagement and action.

Built to give you powerful options to drive incremental results.

Built to evolve as your needs and challenges do.

Orbits are designed to easily be modified (in content, function or focus areas) on the fly. And, our SaaS model means every user automatically has the latest, freshest information each time they access their orbit with no "version updates" required, ever.

As they act…you track.

Track any action and receive custom reports to help you derive engagement insights and ensure compliance and consistent use, delivered to you via custom dashboards built for each stakeholder.

Automated encouragement.

What would you prefer to prompt users to do based on their actions or inactions to drive more ROI? We set those encouragement paths, based on your preferences with orbits able to originate texts, emails, survey questions and in-orbit pop-up messages

See how Total Orbit can help companies drive far more value
from your information and engagement efforts.

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